Witness Mount Merapis Eruption Its Very Own Museum

In Yogyakarta
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 12th February 2015, 6:39am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Remember the humungous eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta? If you have forgotten the terrors of the eruption of Mount Merapi, you can visit the Mount Merapi Museum in Yogyakarta. In this museum, you will witness again about the historical eruptionof Mount Merapi in several diverse chronology years. The museum was built to remember and comprehend more about the causes and the direct impact of this eruption. The location of the museum is not far, actually is in the slopes of Mount Merapi.

The museum itself combines modern architecture and the traditional Yogyakarta. You can see there is a monument of Jogja on the top of Merapi Museum which indicates that Merapi is located in Yogyakarta region. Surrounding this museum there is the exquisite scenery and the cool sights of the trees that flourish in the area of the museum. With an area of 1,470 M, this museum can accommodate hundreds of visitors at a time. In the museum, you will find a lot of new things concerning sciences volcanology.

You can also see that there are some machinery that helps monitor the status of volcanoes such as seismographs and other monitoring equipments for other mountains. There are also a variety of malignancies silent witnesses the eruption of Mount Merapi such as neatly stored household items belonging to the residents slopes of Merapi that were destroyed by the eruption. There is also a motorcycle owned by a resident that have been already charred by the hot lava, just leaving only a trace of its motor frame. Formerly these bikes were transportation rides for the current residents that needed to evacuate to the bunker of Kaliadem at the time of the eruption of Mount Merapi on June 14, 2006.

This museum is also not the only silent witness malignancy of Merapi's eruption. There are also educational tours such as information about the assortment of rocks from the eruption, information on the chronology of Merapi’s eruption chronology from year to year, there is also information of the Volcanic Zone in Indonesia including preventive information relating to how to safe yourself during an eruption.
Exploring every little details in this museum is not a waste. You can learn a lot from Merapi and other volcanoes in Indonesia. You should find time, if you are stopping by to Yogyakarta or you have no idea where to go, this museum would be a great idea.