The Amazing Eternal Snow Peaks of the Jaya Wijaya Mountains

In Papua
Written by Nena Nikita Posted 25th July 2014, 5:03pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Jaya Wijaya, Indonesia’s stunning mountain ranges with peaks covered by eternal snow into a beautiful scenery for hikers and nature lovers. The beauty of the scenery offered by the mountains of Jaya Wijaya has amazed many visitors around the world. Although now, these snow-covered peaks of Jaya Wijaya slowly  because of the state of natural global warming . Jaya Wijaya Mountains stretches in the province of West Papua and Papua itself. Some of its peaks are the highest peak in Indonesia. These mountains have formed thousands of years ago with a phenomenal history. Formed by the sea floor  that lifted, thousands of years ago.

Jayawijaya mountain has become a challenging tourist destination as well as a paradise for hikers. The appeal of its beauty has never stop from the minds of the climbers and nature lovers. It has even become an attraction for researchers in the geological world. The  snow-capped mountain peaks in the tropical country is something that has never happened before. So this has become a great natural mystery  to be solved researchers.

The satisfaction of successfully reaching its peak can never be expressed in words, especially the panoramic view from the summit of the time looking at the expansion of the earth that is under the foot of the mountains. All of this will look oh so beautiful and stunning. The air is chilly with its snow, and the hikers will be provided an extraordinary sensation that has never been felt. The highest peak of Jaya Wijaya which is very pleasing to the eye.

The name, Jaya Wijaya was given by the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno because Indonesia had managed to hold sovereignty of Papua. It is why, the meaning of the Jaya Wijaya is the “final triumph”. Before the unification between the mountains of West Papua and Indonesia was named the Orange Mountains. The man who discovered this mountain was named Carstensz who was an European.

Jaya Wijaya mountain peak has an altitude that reaches up to 4,800 meters above sea level. Therefore, still there aren’t many who can conquer this mountain tops. For nature lovers, or climbers, the summit of Jaya Wijaya is their biggest challenge, that has been a target for a long time. In the mountains of Jaya Wijaya, there seem to be fossilized sea shells on its limestone, since the inception of these mountains are originally from the sea. Therefore, it isn’t a surprse that these mountains has been the target object by many climbers and researchers.

To reach this amazing mountains takes stamina and  preparation because this mountain is not easy to conquer with a reckless and unprepared mind. There are six mountains and among the highest mountain peak, it reaches up to 4,884 meters above sea level and with its many mysteries that have not been revealed and unique rocks, snowy peaks always been a fascination for exploring.