Enjoying the Beach from Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort

In Lampung
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 17th November 2014, 12:54pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

For our tourist destination, this time, our writer will bring our readers to the tip of Sumatra Island, precisely in South Lampung. This particular place has several family tourist attractions that you must visit called the Grand Elty Krakatoa or commonly called the Kalianda Resort. Kalianda Resort is suitable for family gatherings, in addition to the cozy atmosphere of the resort, it also presents a fantastic scenery. With a resort that leads to the sea and trees that give you the wonderful breezy weather on the beaches, Grand Elty Krakatoa offers a tropical beach atmosphere complete with all its elements.

In the resort, there are many activities you can do you’re your families, devoted to games and water sports, the resort offers water sports facilities, swimming pool, paddle boats, fishing, Jetsky, banana boat, diving and so forth. The resort is also suitable for your honeymoon with your beloved, with a exquisite tropical beach landscape, youyou’re your loved one will enjoy the romantic atmosphere at this resort. With a backdrop of Mount Krakatau by the sea, you can certainly see the majesty of God creating these incredible views for us to indulge in.

The romantic ambience will start to bloom again while the sun starts to sink, you can see the beautiful scenery of nature’s painting sunset. Also probably you lovebirds  would like to try hopping on a rowboat in the middle of the ocean.Right after sunset, what other activities can you do? The resort also offers services such as setting up a barbeque party for the evening.