Befriending Our Nature in Kanekes Village

In Banten
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 5th November 2014, 12:15pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Have you ever felt the circumstances in which the environment around you is irregular and with so much pollution? You might have felt it before. But have you ever imagine that there is  a village in Indonesia, where it is peaceful, orderly and has no pollution at all. In this moment, the writer will bring all of you readers to visit a village in the Lebak regency, Leuwidamar subdistrict. This peaceful village is known as Kanekes village. The village is inhabited by indigenous tribes called the Baduy. This area of the village is guarded by the Baduy and is very famous throughout Indonesia for its perservative life with nature and rejecting all modernization coming from the outside world.

Perhaps, you are familiar with the Baduy tribe, though you must know that this Indonesian tribe was first discovered by a Dutch explorer who equate these hordes of people with the name Baduy or Bedoin, or Badawi or the Arab Bedouin. It represents the people of Baduy had often migrated from places to places until they finally settled in the Kanekes village. Actually this community is called the Kanekes people, but since many are more familiar with the term, Baduy, many people had rename these Kanekes people as the Baduy.

Baduy tribe consists of two groups such as the Inner Baduy and the Outer Baduy. Both complement each other, which accumlates, there are 53 Baduy villages all together.The atmosphere in the Kanekes village is very peaceful and relaxing. Feeling the breeze brushing against the leaves and soft splashing of water keeps this village as peaceful as it is. Even the birds chirping sounds as if it wants to interact with the visitors coming by to the Baduy village. By keeping the natural way of life and trying to make a friendly environment around the village is so much more soothing rather than the urban life that usually makes us feel crowded and inhaling pollution everywhere. Their local knowledge is what makes the Baduy tribe very unique which still applies the traditional way of life from the older days.

As guidelines for a environment friendly way of life with nature, the Kanekes village is untouched by modernization, either electric or mobile phone signals are found this village. So when you visit this village, you have to forget about electricity and smartphones that you have. In this village, visitors will be taught the wisdom of the ancient society that does not depend on the help of electricity or other modern equipment. And proven over hundreds of years the Baduy tribe can live decently without assisted with modernization.

After walking inside the village of the Outer Baduy, now its time for you to enter the Inner Baduy village. There you will see the unique custom houses that lined up neatly in a row and neatly beside the rural side.  All of the houses in this village are basic materials from bamboo that are environmentally friendly.
Intrigued by what the writer has told us, now come and feel the peace that is presented in this unique Kanekes village.