A Family Recreation to Carita Beach

In Jawa Barat
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 12th February 2015, 11:39am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Once you decided that you would like to travel with family but still confused where to go for a fun and suitable tourist destination, you should start focusing on this article you are about to read. On this occasion, the writer will take you to a family tourist destination suitable for your loved ones. Located on the edge of the roadway Carita Labuan, Banten, there is a tourist spot called Carita Beach. In Carita, you can find a variety of exciting things to do, from water sports and conservation in the marine park of Carita.

The writer will find one by one, starting with water activities in Carita Beach. There are plenty of rides to play that had been prepared by the management to pamper visitors who come to Carita. Variety of water activities such as banana boating, diving, surving, snorkeling, and jetskiing. Do not worry with the currents and waves at this beach, because it is labeled as a family tourist spot, its currents and waves here are relatively small. Although small and not too dangerous still stay alert and follow the rules and instructions what to do in the sea. If you do not like activities in the water, you can do other activities on the sand, with a long coastline, you can do just about anything here. Start by playing volleyball or even play mini futsal.  Also when the sun begins to set, don’t forget to across the sea and watch the beautiful sunset with a background of the legendary Krakatoa.

In Carita, you can also visit the existing marine park around the coast. By renting a boat, and a distance that takes around 2 hours, you will already have arrived the marine park area. In this park, you will be made amazed seeing the exotic beauty of the underwater of  Carita that are still well preserved. You can see the fish and coral reefs dancing as if it is greeting your presence. If you are not satisfied, you can also ask the guide to conduct dives in the marine park's location.

You would not need to hesitate anymore to visit this tourist site, your family is guaranteed to be delighted with the variety of recreations that had been prepared by the management.