A Work of Art Captived The International Market Named Tulisan

Written by Rendyadi Amnar Posted 7th April 2015, 8:03am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

In this country, it is a well-known fact that our heritage has passed down us the wonderous and majestic creativity throughout our very own hands. The brightside of local communities in finding ethnic handicrafts, still, its manufacturing process is very complex and detailed masterpieces’ are so difficult to be recognized. But if you look deeper, in addition to the manufacturing process is very complicated, the underlying philosophy of making a work of art should already fit your appreciation

Tulisan is a local brand that represents our ancestral culture in a form of artwork that we should take credit for as Indonesians. Melissa Sunjaya, winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women in 2013 and boutique owner of Tulisan, does not only draw and design products, she studied batik and the silk-screening method for creating quality products that are 100% made in the country and gives each and every product a delightful story to tell. Each product is made with manual techniques, which means you will not encounter the same collection everytime you enter the shop.

"Now I can see the people of Indonesia is very more observant and are able to appreciate the whimsical works of art. Every product that I have created, has its own story, and the majority of customers do not just buy my products in favor of admiration itself but it is because they also understand the story and the message behind each form of images on each of my product," explained Melissa.

If you have previously visited the boutiques in Dharmawangsa Square and The Goods Dept, now you can also find Tulisan in Plaza Senayan. Located at the end of the second floor, its wooden decor boutique will welcome you with their enchanting colorful products.

Tulisan products are not just in Indonesia alone, this product has already penetrated the American market, not to mention also, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Now, would you still choose to buy foreign designer handbags which are generally a mere commercial product without a story and philosophy behind it?