Dieng Culture Festival 2014

Written by Fachri Posted 30th August 2014, 1:46pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Dieng Cultural Festival 2014, a festival that presents art and cultural performances of Dieng, greatest products exhibition, and of course, its most unique dreadlock kids’ Ruwatan ritual ceremonies. The beautiful highlands of the Dieng Plateau in Central Java will again come alive with festivity from 30th to 31st August 2014 when the Dieng Cultural Festival 2014 gets underway. Held annually as a community celebration, the

The festival will be highlighted with the highly nutritious herbal Purwaceng ceremonial toast, the release of traditional lanterns, a leather puppet show, traditional art and cultural performances, and a fireworks fiesta. Adding sparkle to the festival will be a Dieng Film Festival and Jazz performances entitled Jazz Above the Clouds. As every year, the pinnacle of the festival will be the ritual of trimming off of kids' dreadlocks.

Being the  main feature of the festival, the ceremony of shaving off the hair of dreadlock kids is truly exceptional. While globally dreadlock hair is commonly known as Rastafarian style from Jamaica, here in the highlands of Dieng, dreadlock, or matted hair is not a chosen style but rather a mystifying feature that only occurs in children.

For more information: http://www.diengculturefestival.com