The Delicious Satay Tanjung from East Lombok
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 14th May 2014, 3:54am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Maybe satay would be a regular dish for the people of Indonesia, but in the area of East Lombok, satay is of the most sacred dish served on special occasions such as religious events or a traditional event. It is why the satay in Lombok has its different flavors and sensations. There is one that is not to be missed from the many that exist in Lombok called “Satay Tanjung”. Set to be the authentic food of East Lombok is this particular satay which has a high exquisite taste and different from any other satay in general.

The secret taste of “satay Tanjung” is only known by the people of Tanjung, and not just anyone can cook this dish. This special mixture of spices has become the main selling food for people who know the exact ingredients to lure tourists who come to the East Lombok to taste this dish. With the basic ingredients of tuna, the satay is mixed with typical spices that are found in Tanjung which later will be stuck into a bamboo splinter to be grilled by the fire. For each skewer contains 5 pieces of fish.

Satay Tanjung is not only based on tuna, because if it is not the season is has to be replaced with another fish that is a family of tuna called Langoan and Marlin. The Marlin known for its super heavy weight and extraordinary taste will make us drool. Roughly with a marlin weighing 10 kilos, it can be made into 500 pieces of skewers.

This Satay Tanjung is delicious served with warm rice or rice cake, its flavor will pop out in each of its spicy and firm flesh fish. Savory and spicy flavor is the dominant taste of this Satay Tanjung. It is caused by the mixture of spices and coconut milk while grilling to skewers. With this powerful tasty spices, many come to enjoy the freshness and delicious taste of the Satay Tanjung.For the price of each portion of Satay Tanjung, you just have to spend of Rp.10.000-, alone. Very cheap for a nutrious food with such a high quality taste!