Malangs Special Meatballs
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 21st October 2014, 11:05am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

There are so many famous tourist spots scattered across this country though it doesn’t mean we would forget about this particular cold city that has an interesting and unique characteristics that meets the eye. We all know that the city of Malang is famous across the archipelago with their meatballs. The city’s meatballs are legit and very authentic. There are many famous meatballs manufacturers/makers in Malang that it is impossible for the writer to type each and everyone. Eventually  with the tight competition among the sellers, this doesn’t stop them from brainstorming in how to create different and unique ways to sell their meatballs and from this retrospective case series comes the idea of grilled meatballs.

No need to wait to make this unique culinary to boom out,  foreign and domestic tourists are addicted to this processed beef snack already. Even nowadays, this grilled meatballs has already become another exciting creation, so if you decide to plan a trip to Malang, don’t hesitate to taste the delicious meatballs. Once these tourists have become attached with this particular snack, it surely proves the tastebuds of these foreign and domestic tourists are the same for these delicious grilled meatballs in Malang. One of the most famous grilled meatballs stall is called ‘Pak Man’ in Jl.Diponegoro 19. This is why Malang is so packed during weekends and also weekdays.
In this food stall, Pak Man’s grilled meatballs comes in different kinds of level. There are levels you could pick and each level determines the number of how many grilled meatballs you get. For level 1, there are 10 meatballs, level 2 , you will get 15 meatballs and level 3, you will get 25 pieces of meatballs. Do not be surprised with its jumbo portion in this food stall because you will definitely be satisfied with its flavor.

The aroma of these grilled meatballs will burst into your nostrils that can really make customers go crazy in every corner of the stall of Pak Man. Especially when you have it on your place. The taste that comes out of this grilled meatballs are miraculously spicy with a savory taste and its meaty flavor does come out. According to Mr. Man himself, the owner of this food stall said that he must provide and also pick himself 50 kg of fresh good quality meat in order to give the best quality of processed meat.

Once the meat have been rolled up in to small balls then boil them until they are cooked then they start the grilling process. Before the whole process, the meatballs were given special seasoning and soy sauce to enhance the flavor of the grilled meatballs, then it will be grilled until its slightly charred. Of course, Pak Man would not mention the ingredients of these grilled meatballs, definitely it remains the secret of his special meatballs. These meatballs served on the table along with soya sauce and some chilli sauce, make sure that you finish every last bit of these meatballs so that you are satisfied and coming back for more. The price for each level itself ranges from Rp 15,000 to Rp.37.000 to the third level.