Lomboks Delicious Bulayak Satay

Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 24th April 2014, 7:18am
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Lombok Island does not only offer the famous Taliwang Chicken, but there is another delicious dish by the Lombok people and also has become the place where tourists often come to search for. This special food is called “Sate Bulayak” , Bulayak itself is a kind of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves. Bulayak is the complementary dish for satay Lombok. The Bulayak has a shape like any regular Indonesian rice cakes in general. According to tribal custom in Lombok, these rice cakes or bulayak is considered tastier and has a more distinctive smell than the regular rice cakes, you would often see. It tastes sweeter and more solid then the usual rice cakes you would have tasted before.

The skewers or called satay in Indonesian has many variants, there are skewers with chicken, beef and offal mixture. In contrast to existing satay in other areas, Sate Bulayak tastes more savory and delicious because of Lomboks’s its classic chili sauce. Some of the main marinade will be mixed with coconut milk and also boiled together. This pale yellow spice that is the identity of the Sate Bulayak savory flavor. When usually the taste of most satay is combined with sweet flavor of peanut, this particular satay from Lombok, has its spicy taste like curry.

To enjoy a great meal of Sate Bulayak with a bit of lime juice and slices of spicy chilli. This Bulayak Sate has a fine texture, thin and small so it can be eaten in one go, alone. The delicious taste of savory meat will be covered in curry flavored marinade. The price of one serving of satay is only 15,000 rupiah. In one serving, there are 14 skewers and with several bulayak rice cakes that goes with it. To accompany this Sate Bulayak, you'll want to order a drink such as the refreshing ice coconut juice. The combination of the food and beverage is a perfect fit if eaten together.