Batagor - Bandungs Delicious Delicacy Missed by All
Written by Aditya Tri Hutama Posted 28th October 2014, 1:03pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

The people of Bandung and the other communities surrounding this city are probably familiar with this particular culinary dish called the ‘Batagor’. The food is usually served as a booster stomach for the people of Bandung especially during lunch hours. It also has been expanding outside of Bandung such as other major cities to greet culinary connoisseurs across the archipelago. There are many food stalls and street sellers that you can find around you. With the explosion of many Batagor sellers in Indonesia, the Batafor from Bandung still remains  champion and the number one pioneer. Both in terms of flavor, texture and enjoyment in every bite.

In Bandung, there is a famous Batagor known by culinary connoisseurs. The Batagor is called the Kingsley Batagor. This became the first batagor called by the culinary connoisseurs because this batagor has a very delicious taste and very different from the others. Its unique flavor and spicy peanut sauce on the tongue tastes so good. This batagor is usually served warm where there are a lot of the contents of this batagor as well. The combination of pieces of meatballs and tofu becomes the main ingredients to this dish, also there are two types of batagor commonly sold here which are the moist batagor  and dry batagor. You can choose according to your own taste. If you want to try unusual batagor, you should try the moist batagor which will be drenched in chicken broth. The Chicken broth looks fresh because it is a very clear sop.

Batagor Kingsley will be very tempting when it is served on the table, with various fillings and peanut sauce dressing will be so deliciously beautiful when eaten. The delicate tofu stuffing will give you a soft tasty texture when eaten, especially when you add spicy sauce to give it a boost of flavor. With a relatively cheap price and not necessarily draining the wallets of our readers, this dish are enjoyed by many. Then if you would like to find and try this legendary batagor delicacy, you can go to Jalan Veteran, Bandung to buy it.