Written by Nena Nikita Posted 23rd September 2014, 7:00pm
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Translated by Shinta Dharmayu

Indonesia recently was shocked by the death of a comedian who has such a unique characteristic and style known as Jojon. This man who always appeared to entertain audiences, was actually a figure of a humble and hardworking man. A man with not much to say, his memory still remains strongly in his fans hearts. With his thin mustache and a pair of suspenders that hang like Charlie Caplin or Adolf Hitler, Jojo was easily remembered by his fans.

In 1947, Jojon was born in the town of Karawang, West Java, and his given name was Djuhri Masdjan. Though the name “Jojon” is mostly known by the public rather than his real name. Given with his low profile character, he is much liked by his fellow colleagues and his fans. This chubby man has a fun and good personality so its not a surprise that his departure was a deep lost for his peers and loyal fans.

Jojon is a legendary actor and comedian. He started his career as a comedian with his group which he formed called the “Jayakarta Group”, with its personnel Jojon, Hasanuddin, Caplin and Cahyono. The group that was formed with his friends were very popular in the 70s to 80s. But the comedy group's popularity did not successfully made the four of them as a group and were not able to work together because in the 90s, from this group, one by one left the comedian group. Once the group formed by Jojon was disbanded, he decided to pursue a solo career. By becoming a single comedian, he is widely known among the public, and the image of him grew stronger by the day.

He worked hard as an entertainer and was enjoyed by his fans. He has also launched a pop album titled “Pamali Sunda”. But the most striking of the work is Jojon’s film career and jokes that made people laugh to forget all of his problems.the eyes of his family, Jojon was a loving, dignified and such a good example to all the member of his family. He also has been an inspiration for many people. His unyielding character and spirit has made him what he is until today. He has always been strong in the face of every test he had to go through, though his sacrifices may not be small, but he was able to get through all the challenges as well. With all those tests he had to go throuhg, it made Jojon be an wonderful comedian and actor who deserves to be made an example.

He always appeared smooth, yet still the joker he is. Even with his innocence and low profile made him that popular, said Cahyono, one of  his legendary companion. This has also gave him a status of the comedian of 3 generations. Many people say that a comedian may not last that long to show his persona, but not for Jojon. Even until he passed away on March 6, 2014, he still exist and remembered in the comedian world.