A Family Recreation to Carita Beach in Jawa Barat

Once you decided that you would like to travel with family but still confused where to go for a fun and suitable tourist destination, you should start focusing on this article you are about to read.

Witness Mount Merapis Eruption Its Very Own Museum in Yogyakarta

Remember the humungous eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta? If you have forgotten the terrors of the eruption of Mount Merapi, you can visit the Mount Merapi Museum in Yogyakarta.

Enjoying the Beach from Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort in Lampung

This particular place has several family tourist attractions that you must visit called the Grand Elty Krakatoa or commonly called the Kalianda Resort.

Befriending Our Nature in Kanekes Village in Banten

The village is inhabited by indigenous tribes called the Baduy. This area of the village is guarded by the Baduy and is very famous throughout Indonesia for its perservative life with nature and rejecting all modernization coming from the outside world.



Arts & Culture

The Whale Hunting Tradition in Lamarela Village

Lamalera village or commonly known as the whalers village is a tourist village in the District Lembata Island. In the village, you can see this Lamalera indigenous native tribes living as coastal residents.

Traditional Dismissal Ceremony by the Sasak Tribe

One of the native tribes in Lombok is called the Sasak, still preserves the traditions and customs of their ancestors even in this modern day era. One of the many traditions still preserved is an old tradition called Metulak Tradition.

Fun Bathing in Water filled Oranges in Pelalawan

In this archipelago, traditions and customs of the ancestors are still strong and ingrained in the Indonesian society, especially those who are still ruled by the indigenous villages in each region.


Batagor - Bandungs Delicious Delicacy Missed by All

The people of Bandung and the other communities surrounding this city are probably familiar with this particular culinary dish called the Batagor. The food is usually served as a booster stomach for the people of Bandung especially during lunch hours.

Malangs Special Meatballs

There are so many famous tourist spots scattered across this country though it doesnt mean we would forget about this particular cold city that has an interesting and unique characteristics that meets the eye.

The Delicious Satay Tanjung from East Lombok

Maybe satay would be a regular dish for the people of Indonesia, but in the area of East Lombok, satay is of the most sacred dish served on special occasions such as religious events or a traditional event.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

A Work of Art Captived The International Market Named Tulisan

If you have previously visited the boutiques in Dharmawangsa Square and The Goods Dept, now you can also find Tulisan in Plaza Senayan.


The restaurant serves Western, Asian and Indonesian cuisine, adopting somewhat of a caf concept with comfort foods such as steak, burgers, sandwiches and pasta. Patron favorites include the Grilled BBQ Ribs, Crispy Duck, Kambing Fried Rice, Chicken & Beef Teriyaki and Hainan Chicken Rice, Mie Aceh.

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